Wilmington North Carolina

Founded circa 1739 and served as a sanctuary for pirates such as Blackbeard.

Named for Whig Statesman, Spencer Compton, England's Earl of Wilmington.

Wilmington to Weldon Railroad was the world's longest in 1840 at 161.5 miles.

Fort Fisher was last Confederate port to fall to Union Forces in the Civil War.

Largest city in North Carolina , population 9553, until the end of the Civil War.

The Morning Star is North Carolina's oldest continuously operating newspaper.

Model who posed for the portrait "Whistler's Mother" once lived in Wilmington.

The Bijou, which opened in 1906  was first motion picture theater in the state.

 Home town of Henry Bacon, the architect of Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

Was a major naval construction site for over 250 World War II "Liberty Ships".

City had POW camps where over 500 enemy soldiers were held during WW II.

Home port of retired World War II Battleship "USS North Carolina" since 1962.

Home of High School that cut Michael Jordan from the varsity basketball team.

Film location of One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek, Sleepy Hollow, Revolution, etal.

Film studio that has produced more than 300 motion pictures/television shows.